No More Discounted Gorilla Permits in Rwanda

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Before Rwanda gorilla permit increase from $750- $1500 per trek, tourists to Rwanda had hope that one day the country will give gorilla permit discounts to tourists who visit the country in low season months just like other mountain gorilla tracking destinations-Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. But it’s the opposite because all hope ceased when Rwanda Development board announced gorilla permit price increase in the month of May 2017. Today Rwanda is one of the top destinations for luxury gorilla trekking for whoever is ready and willing to support gorilla tourism conservation and community development.

But if your interest is to explore the country on budget, Better to explore all other amazing attractions like Nyungwe forest National Park, Akagera National Park, Kigali city, Lake Kivu and track mountain gorillas in either Uganda or Congo. This scenario benefits other mountain gorillas tracking destinations as well as Rwanda in the other way Rwanda since its natural beauty still stands despite the change in the gorilla permit prices.

Tour experts organizing trips in the region can now make arrangements   for transfers of travelers who fly to Kigali Rwanda and track gorillas in one of the other gorilla trekking destinations that is Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo a great safari alternative that many tourists have found amazing and exceptional.

Those looking at flying to Rwanda and tracking gorillas in Congo or Uganda, should also consider paying for two tourist visas one for Rwanda , and the other for Uganda or Congo since the trip requires crossing boarders.

Gorilla tracking is awesome experience that last for life no matter where you do it from provided you meet the endangered mountain gorillas in there natural home. Treks in all gorilla tracking countries start at with a briefing from the park rangers on how to behave with the gorillas in the wild hence following the search, encounter  of an hour duration  and that marks the end of the  trek.

Different gorilla tracking national parks and countries have special arrangements for tourists who wish to spend more time with gorillas and this helps tourists to get more close to these giants than never before. In Rwanda, one is free to book a full habituated gorilla family at a cost of $15000 per trek and track it only alone, while in Uganda there is mountain gorilla habituation in Rushaga sector of the park where one can track the research gorilla family and spend a all day with gorilla conservationist observing and monitoring the mountain gorillas which is a great way of exploring the beautiful land of primates.