4 Reasons Why You Should Track Rwanda Gorillas

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When Rwanda revised its gorilla permit prices from $750-$1500 for reasons of conservation on May 6th this year, Many thought the decision will change the entire country tourism because most visitors to Rwanda where for gorilla tourism the country’s main tourist attraction.However, Rwanda is still a great tourism destination for many travelers across the world seeking to experience a new world in Africa.

Rwanda‘s Natural Beauty

Despite the increase of gorilla permits, Rwanda still receives many visitors across the world on different Rwanda holiday offers including gorilla trekking because the country’s beauty is still treasured. Rwanda‘s natural beauty is unique and outstanding in Africa that travelers can’t take eyes off the country despite the gorilla permit increase. There are many scenarios where travelers fly to Rwanda and track gorillas in Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo the other famous mountain gorilla trekking destinations that have fare priced gorilla permits .Trips to Uganda and Congo start and end in Rwanda hence keeping its travel trend in style.

Besides  Rwanda has a lot to offer from the rich cultural, history of the genocides, chimpanzees and others primates in Nyungwe forest, wildlife in Akagera, Lake Kivu shores and the most clean organized city of Kigali. Visitors to the country find joy and peace exploring other countries tourist attractions other than seeing gorillas in Volcanoes national park a thing that wealth tourists do and experience a life changing encounter in the middle of bamboo forests  as they stare and admire the beauty of the giant primates.

Rwanda Location

Because the increase of gorilla permits doesn’t restrict travelers to other gorilla trekking destinations to stop in Rwanda , it has become the most connecting point for most travelers to Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Rwanda’s location makes its worth visiting and exploring even though you to track gorillas in Bwindi forest national park, Mgahinga National Park, Virunga national park and Kahuzi Biega national park. Flying to Rwanda and tracking gorillas in the other famous gorilla trekking destinations is the best option for travelers who hate long drives .A big thanks goes to the Rwanda and its people for having great co-operation with its neighbor countries.

Gorilla Safari Demand & Booking

Due to high demand of gorilla tourism and permits in particular, gorilla permits in Rwanda for volcanoes national park are always booked a year in advance so the increase of Rwanda gorilla permit prices didn’t affect many travelers especially those who booked their Rwanda gorilla safaris before the day The Rwanda Development Board increased the fees for both locals and international visitors for seeing gorillas hence Rwanda gorilla tourism demand remaining constant for travelers. Though still those who had not booked are still booking Rwanda gorilla tours or deciding to track in Uganda or Democratic Republic of Congo.

Luxury Gorilla Tours

Today Rwanda is one of the most luxurious gorillas trekking safari destination in Africa with manageable treks and easy access. If you looking for exceptional luxury gorilla trek, Rwanda is your place to be with classy luxury lodges and valued gorilla permit prices. Why not track gorillas in Rwanda and ensure sustainability and maximum conservation in Volcanoes national park.