Gorilla Safaris

Gorilla Tracking Safaris in Volcanoes National Park

You are set for a great volcanoes national Park Safari adventure. Enjoy early Morning gorilla tracking for the more strenuous and ample opportunities for wildlife photography. All of this conducted by experienced safari guides, game rangers and trackers. There is no other wildlife experience quite like an encounter with mountain gorillas. That precious hour spent in their company – watching the group playing, sulking, teasing each other, eating, or dozing just like we do – is extraordinary. And the gorilla tracking safaris in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park are among the best in Africa.

With a volcanoes national Park Safari, combined with the variety of accommodation types that we offer, you can look forward to lodge living in perfect luxuriousness, or comfortable, tented chalets with the closer-to-nature feel. Discover Rwanda a home of ten habituated groups of mountain gorillas that are scattered all over Volcanoes National Park. You’ll leave early in the morning for your briefing at the Park HQ and then in parties of eight will be taken to your allocated group with a guide and trackers. Gorilla trekking can be arduous – some of the groups wander high up the mountainsides – but it is always utterly rewarding. Take a look at possible gorilla safaris in Rwanda for further information on the experience, etiquette and tips on gorilla trekking. Encounters can never be guaranteed, but any time spent with them will never be forgotten.

Other Trips in Volcanoes National Park

The volcanoes National Park offers its visitors up close and personal nature experiences with a variety of activities. Whether it is tracking, biking, hiking or walking that you want to do, volcanoes has something for you. Experienced, professional and armed guides act as trail leaders and interpret the natural surroundings at regular intervals, to make the most of your guided activity. So, if you want more than gorilla tracking, Go Activities! Go Wild!– there are other interesting hiking trails here. Before your visit to the gorillas, a guided walk into the mountains can be good for acclimatization. It also allows you to spend more time looking at the other wildlife in forest, and to gain a better understanding of the overall ecosystem.

The popular routes to the tomb of Dian Fossey and the Karisoke Research Centre allow adventurous visitors to have a close, personal encounter with nature by traversing large areas of unspoiled wilderness on foot. Guests spend a couple of hours of fairly steep walking under the guidance of armed and experienced trail rangers. Another beautiful option is a day hike to the Crater Lake on Mount Bisoke.

Rwanda offers outstanding golden monkey trekking – golden monkeys are generally relatively easily found and the experience is a fantastic one. As is often the case, it’s the least known that offers by far the richest experience. Track two troops of habituated golden monkeys in Volcanoes National Park —a totally different experience to gorilla tracking. Golden monkeys tend to inhabit the bamboo forests on the lower slopes, so the walk to reach them is relatively easy. Again, once you find them, you’ll have just an hour in their presence. They’re fast-moving little creatures, and very entertaining as they constantly swing through the bamboo or chase each other in circles all around you. They’re also very pretty, with shiny reddish-gold backs that blend in perfectly with the golden bamboo.